a point to notice

Remittances from exchanges such as Bitfinex and Binance can not participate in token sale.
Please participate using Wallet such as MyEtherWallet and MetaMask.

Steps to purchase with MyEtherWallet

1. Register MyEtherWallet.
2. Send Ether from Bitfinex etc. to MyEtherWallet.
3. Send Ether from MyEtherWallet to GUIDE COIN.

MyEtherWallet registration procedure

■ Access MyEtherWallet
I will access the https://www.myetherwallet.com/.

■ Set a password
①Enter password
Please enter a character string of 9 characters or more because you are prompted to set the password.
To enhance security, please do not use the same password.
Also, passwords are important passwords to keep assets. Please keep it in a notepad etc so as not to forget it.

②Create New Wallet
Click "Create New Wallet" button and create your wallet.

■ Download Keystore file
①Download file
After creating your wallet, we will move on to the next screen.
Here, download the Keystore file (UTC / JSON).
※Keystore files are required for opening wallets, so keep them secure.

②After downloading
When downloading is completed, click "I understood, I will continue."

■ Preservation of private key
①Save Your private Key
A list of secret keys is displayed in "Save your private key".
Please keep carefully and keep it strictly because there is a possibility that the secret key will be stolen if others know it.
Also, if you lose your secret key, currency will not come back so please do printing etc and be careful not to lose it.

■ View Wallet info
Click "View Wallet info" from the menu button and move to the wallet information screen.
①Select "Private Key"
Check the secret "Private Key".

■ Enter private key
①Enter private key
Enter the "Private Key" you just saved.

■ Unlock
When you enter the secret key, the "Unlock" button is displayed, so click the "Unlock" button.

■ View Wallet info
①My address
The character string displayed in your address is the address.
Ether will be sent to this address.
Let's remit Ether from your exchanges such as Bitfinex(etc).
If you purchase 1 ETH for "guide coins", you will also need Gas as a commission, so let's remit extra such as "1.05".
In addition, it is possible to send from the QR code displayed after that.
If you are participating in a campaign that is beneficial, please register this address on my page.
Campaign My Page Click Access

Purchase a Guide Coin

■ Unlock
Click "Send Ether & Tokens" in the upper screen menu and go to the remittance screen.
①Check "Private Key"
Check "Private Key".

②Enter the saved "Private key".
When you enter the saved "Private Key", unlock is displayed.

③Click Unlock
Click the displayed "Unlock" and release the lock.

■ Purchase Guide Coin
①Enter the remittee address
The remittance destination address will be the address of "Token Sale" this time. Please enter the following address.

For smartphones, double-tap to select all.

②Enter Amount to Send
Enter "Amount to Send" and set the number of coins to purchase.
The lowest price you can buy is 0.1 ETH.
If you are planning to participate in the campaign or planning to purchase 1 ETH or more, you will be given an additional 10% bonus after the campaign ends.
(1 ETH =10000 GDC Equivalent、Up to 20% on sale)

③Send money
If there is no problem with the purchase content, click the "Generate Transaction" button to complete the remittance.
Purchase is now complete. To confirm purchase coins, please login to my page and confirm.